Monday 20 June 2011

June 20, 2011

I UPDATE the xml file and upload the video file for this week’s video podcast on iTunes…glad I did the bulk of the work on it yesterday. Once it’s done I nip across to the office to pack up some CDs to fulfil an Amazon order.

There’s a couple of things to check and sort for the studio in Finland which is booked to coincide with the festivals and shows our pal Maiju has arranged for me in early August. Maiju’s partner  Juuso – who’s gonna be playing bass on on some of the tracks to be recorded in Finland – has been busy looking at studio options and we had a good blether with them the other night on Skype. We’re going to have a load of fun 🙂

It’s quite a nice day outside so I take advantage of the dry weather to cut the grass and co-incidentally our pals Joe and Keiran are doing our neighbours’ grass. They come in for a quick coffee and a blether.

Later on I take the banjo into the studio and try out some ideas – also work on some new songs. Margaret’s busy repairing a gig bag so I can use it tomorrow when I head into Leith FM for a lunchtime interview and session.

There’s a community council meeting at 7.30pm along in the next village and we decide we’ll we’ll eat later. By the time we’re back from there we’re starving so we eat and then watch the latest two episodes of Case Histories on the BBC iPlayer. In between times I endeavour to get my head round RSS feeds – specifically how to create news feeds and then pull them into another website (or iPhone app!) and format them the way I want.  Not quite as simple as it would appear.


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